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For Instituitional Investors

External Asset Manager

Outsource your executions to us; you only need to focus on serving your clients.
Our portfolio managers have extensive involvement in managing complex investment strategies, enabling them to design and implement sophisticated investment and risk management programs on behalf of funds. Our managers continuously monitor, rebalance, and evaluate your portfolios to ensure your assets are operating according to your plan.

Investment Solutions And Strategy Customization

Generate Alpha by profiting from alternative strategies and investment solutions.
Fund managers are increasingly looking into strategies to capture investment solutions on the market to enhance return and diversify risk. With volumes of research materials under our database, our investment strategists can help you design, implement, and execute specific strategies to suit your needs.

Risk Management

The expert robust risk management framework.
Benefit from our in-house risk management system by optimizing your allocation to maximize your probability of success. Our system determines the optimal risk-return characteristics’ strategic distribution using sophisticated simulation and statistical methods to minimize your chance of returning short-fall.

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CK Chan
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