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Alpha Well Ltd (License No. FML/21/0051A) is a comprehensive asset management company licensed by Labuan Financial Services Authority (Labuan FSA). Backed by a strong and experienced management team, Alpha Well offers dedicated fund management services include investment advice or administrative services in respect of securities for the purposes of investment and dealing in securities. Alpha Well has intention to further expand the range of licensed services it can provide to its clients in order to achieve the ultimate objectives of total wealth creation, management and preservation.

Labuan FSA’s key role is to license and regulate licensed entities operating within Labuan IBFC and to ensure all entities remain in compliance with the internal and international best standards adopted by the jurisdiction. Labuan IBFC is an international offshore financial centre which provides for the development of activities in the areas of banking and insurance, trust and fund management, investment holding, and other activities carried on by multinational companies in Labuan.

Labuan fund management license is governed by Labuan Financial Services and Securities Act 2010, Labuan Companies Act 1990 and Labuan Business Activity Tax Act 1990. In order to ensure high standards within the financial services industry and protection for consumers, the regulators have set up stringent governance structures; thus, obtaining a financial services license can be a grueling task. Fewer than 30 fund management companies are qualified licensed under Labuan FSA in Malaysia.

More information is available on regulatory authority website.

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